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2013年10月31日、メリーランド大学のミッシェル・メイソン教授School of  Languages, Literatures, and Cultures 学部)が受け持つ、Readings in Japanese Cultural Studies クラス(JAPN 402) の学生たちが授業の一環としてプランゲ文庫を訪問しました。このクラスは、日本語能力の向上を目指すと共に、日本史や昨今の日本における流行などを学ぶクラスです。




  • “One of the most remarkable things I learned at the Prange collection tour was how strict censorship of the Japanese flag was, even in such benign places as pictures in children’s books. Actually, it seems as though anything even possibly relatable to Japanese nationalism was expunged from publications during the occupation period, including a poem titled “Flag”, describing the poet’s feelings about his country. Of course, the flag being used in a nationalist sense should definitely have cause the censors to strike it out, but in such oddly simple places, such as a picture of a classroom, it seems extremely overboard, though such a word could be used to describe much of the censorship during that period.”
  • “One thing that I found  the most  interesting  was that the  CCD was  exceptionally sensitive to anything  that was  related  to  General  MacArthur,  even  the newspaper  article  about the wedding  of his  cousin was not allowed to be published.”
  • “The example text I found most interesting though, was a travel diary we were shown during the tour.  The reason I found this travel diary so fascinating was because it was just a blank diary that hadn’t even been written in at all by anyone yet. Although I had known ahead of time that anything and everything anyone wanted to publish during this time had to be submitted for censoring, I hadn’t quite realized that this literally meant everything.”
  • “One particularly fascinating example text showcased was a brail (sic) copy of John Hersey’s, Hiroshima, made entirely of recycled paper. I had previously studied that, due to the war effort, Japan’s natural resources were greatly regulated and had been depleting in the last years of the war. This book is a first-hand example of how diminished paper supplies were used in publication. Seeing this tangible example gave new meaning to what had previously only been academic study.”

One comment on “メリーランド大学のクラス訪問

  1. […] CEASは東アジア関連の科目(歴史や言語など多岐に亘る)を規定単位数履修した学部生に「証明書」の授与を行っています。2013年に、ミッシェル・メイソン教授がこの証明書認定に該当するクラス(Readings in Japanese Cultural Studies, JAPN 402)で、当文庫の訪問をされたことがありました。その時の報告はこちらをご覧ください。 […]

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